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"It takes a village to raise a child"...the same applies to our adult lives. We will feature occasional guest speakers who will provide live training based on his/her expertise. 


As a valued member of The SHIFT, you will get early access to all future courses and training AND you'll get 30% off a selection of my online digital courses. 


A 90 minute training call each month, hosted by Charlotte, based on the focus and theme for the month. Get your questions answered live and all calls will be recorded.


You are not in this alone! Within access to your very own members area, you will have the ability to comment and ask questions to me and my team directly. You will have all the support you need.


You will be part of an exclusive community; connect with them for additional support, connections and daily inspiration. 


A downloadable tool, assessment or worksheet based on the monthly theme that will help you work through the monthly focus. This will be highlighted each month in the live training. 


Each month will be based around a theme or concept designed to help you level up: whether it be in your business, your relationships or your life.

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"Charlotte has motivated, inspired and encouraged me to grow. The opportunity to work with Charlotte as my high performance coach was exactly what I needed at this stage in my career. Through my work with Charlotte I have been pushed out of my comfort zone and raised the bar for myself as a leader. As a result of our work together I hold myself accountable, and those around me, to a higher standard. Areas where I have seen improvement in myself include courage, persuasion, productivity and energy. Our work has resulted in benefits for me professionally and personally. I would highly recommend working with Charlotte as a high performance coach if you want to push yourself to grow and create a greater impact in the work that you do."

Andrea Wilkey
Executive Director, Community Futures Central Kootenay

"I've had many high performance coaches over the years but none as diverse and knowledgable as Charlotte. She is super organized and makes sure ALL areas of your life achieve the ultimate performance. I felt very confident in many aspects of life until I was coached by Charlotte...she was relentless in ensuring I achieve true, high performance. If you want the best coach possible, Charlotte is your person."

Don Freschi
CEO Fenix Advanced Materials, On the Fly Productions, and Freschi Global Consulting

"I have been working with Charlotte for a number of months. I am a CEO of a company that has seen rapid growth and found myself feeling lost in what I wanted and I wanted to be more in control of its growth and making sure that aligned with my goals, values, vision and family needs. She took me through a structured program and as "ah-ha's" occurred we would deep dive the topic further. We have completed the structured program but continue to meet weekly as I find she keeps me focused and honest with my emotional self. "

Janet Trpin
CEO, Western Wealth Capital

"All I can say is YES! Charlotte is a powerhouse of a woman. Self-made, inspirational but better yet, she has a passion for YOU to find that in yourself. To lead by example, and express those truths. I had the absolute pleasure of attending her Productivity + Time Management workshop. I left feeling even more energized and ready to continue working on my business. I went away with lots of tools and actionable lessons. Thank you Charlotte!!!"

Cherie Luke
Youth Coordinator, Creston Valley Youth Network


Certified High Performance Coach™     

CEO/Founder of Thrive Coaching & Consulting and The SHIFT. 

  • I'm an elite world-wide coach & have been trained with the most rigorous, science-backed training process in the world. In the last year alone, I coached over 1000 hours
  • My company Thrive, is based on helping businesses create a people-focused + high performance team culture.  
  • In the past, I've managed multi-million dollar operations/teams for other companies, like Lululemon Athletica.
  • I also have 20+ years of valuable restaurant, retail, and operational experience focusing primarily in leadership development.
  • I have created a 6-figure organization that has pivoted to being primarily online
  • I’ve been practicing & coaching personal development for over 15 years.


I would be honoured to help you level up all areas of your life!

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Shifting you from the inside out - All the tools, expertise and support you need to help support your success and fulfillment within your life, your relationships and your business.


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