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The path begins ... with CLARITY.


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What is The Clarity Method? it would feel...

Ending each day feeling like you’ve made significant progress?

Ending each day feeling completely satisfied with what you’ve done and proud of the forward momentum?

Starting each day feeling clear and focused?

Knowing that you have the ability, the determination and the mindset to put your very best self forward, in every situation?

Reaching that next level of success in your life - whether in relationships, finances or career?

What would that feel like?

I’m betting it would feel EXTRAORDINARY.

The first step towards that extraordinary life is to gain CLARITY. Once you have clarity, everything else starts to fall into place.

That's why I created this training program -  to help you in the process of gaining clarity in your life. 

So you can level up in your life and reach that extraordinary level you've been wanting. 


In this 5 part video training series, I will coach you through the steps you need to establish more clarity in your life.

The major pillars we will cover include:

→ Creating self clarity

→ Identifying your freedoms

→ Create a vision for your ideal life

→ Setting reverse engineered goals

→ What will your legacy be? 

As an added bonus, you'll also receive...

Lifetime Access

Lifetime access to all videos, content and downloads so you can retake this program again and again. 

Coaching Call

1 hour private coaching call with me, Charlotte Ferreux, after completion so that we can discuss your progress through the Clarity Method and create a specific plan for you moving forward. 

Social Support

Membership in an online community group so you can seek out additional support and conversations. 

Members Lounge

Lifetime access to the Change by Choice Members Lounge, including free access to more content, downloads and tools so that you can continue on this journey towards your desired life.

About Charlotte

Charlotte Ferreux is a Certified High Performance Coach and the founder of Thrive Consulting.

With 20 years of restaurant, retail and operational experience, I have focused primarily in leadership development and senior management roles.

My innate strength is people; my strongest passion lies in success and mindset coaching.

I am so passionate about helping people reach their highest potential and have helped my clients worldwide achieve transformational results.

My direct coaching style is the perfect blend of fun, compassion, tough questions and bold challenges to get to the root of all issues.

Your desired life is just one choice away. You can do it; I believe in you. 

And I would be honoured to coach you and work alongside you in your quest for that extraordinary life you've been waiting for. 


"I have been working with Charlotte for a number of months. I am a CEO of a company that has seen rapid growth and found myself feeling lost in what I wanted and I wanted to be more in control of its growth and making sure that aligned with my goals, values, vision and family needs. She took me through a structured program and as "ah-ha's" occurred we would deep dive the topic further. We have completed the structured program but continue to meet weekly as I find she keeps me focused and honest with my emotional self."

Janet LePage
CEO, Western Wealth Capitol

"I've had many high performance coaches over the years but none as diverse and knowledgeable as Charlotte. She is super organized and makes sure ALL areas of your life achieve the ultimate performance. I felt very confident in many aspects of life until I was coached by Charlotte...she was relentless in ensuring I achieve true, high performance. If you want the best coach possible, Charlotte is your person."

Don Freschi
CEO, Fenix Advanced Materials, Freschi Global Consulting

"Charlotte is one of a kind. There are a lot of people out there doing what she does as a Health, Fitness, Business, and Mindset Coach. She takes it to the next level with showing a ton of empathy, grace, and support. I have so much confidence in Charlotte's ability to take someone's mindset and/or business to the next life. She has taken my LIFE to the next level!"

Kim Gorski
Life Coach, Content Creator, Social Media Specialist, Digital Marketing Designer

"Charlotte has motivated, inspired and encouraged me to grow. The opportunity to work with Charlotte as my high performance coach was exactly what I needed at this stage in my career. Through my work with Charlotte I have been pushed out of my comfort zone and raised the bar for myself as a leader. As a result of our work together I hold myself accountable, and those around me, to a higher standard. Areas where I have seen improvement in myself include courage, persuasion, productivity and energy. Our work has resulted in benefits for me professionally and personally. I would highly recommend working with Charlotte as a high performance coach if you want to push yourself to grow and create a greater impact in the work that you do."

Andrea Wilkey
Executive Director at Community Futures Central Kootenay

Start your journey towards more CLARITY, more FULFILLMENT and more SUCCESS.

The Clarity Method Includes:

  • 5 Training Videos
  • Downloadable & Printable Worksheets for Each Lesson
  • Lifetime Access to the Program
  • 1 Hour Coaching Call with Charlotte Ferreux
  • Online Social Support
  • Change by Choice Members Lounge for other free content, tools & downloads

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