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My passion is in helping people connect to their purpose and in creating a platform for people to be their highest self through heightened and sustained levels of high performance.  

I'm an elite, worldwide Certified High Performance Coach™ that has been trained through the most rigorous, science-backed training process in the world. 

My company Thrive, is based on helping businesses create a people-focused + high performance team culture. 

I have created a 6-figure organization that has pivoted to being primarily online and 
I’ve been practicing & coaching personal development for over 15 years.

In the past, I've managed multi-million dollar operations/teams for other companies like Lululemon Athletica.

I will share all my secrets to success and my failures to help you achieve your best.

Leadership - whether in business, a CEO, an entrepreneur, a stay at home mom or just in life, we all can benefit from becoming stronger leaders in life. The world needs strong leaders now. Better leaders. More courageous leaders. We need those leaders to start showing up in all areas of life. We need to stop compartmentalizing and stop viewing leadership as being a manager and leading a team.

I can't wait to share more with you...

~Charlotte xo

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